Are you looking for funding for your Cannabis / Marijuana / Cultivation Business? 

Are you a start up or existing business? We are able to fund Dispensary (dispensaries) / Grow Operations / Wholesale / Retail / Edibles and many other MMJ related businesses. 

Our 3 main programs: 

 - Unsecured Capital (Cash) Program up to $150,000 per signer/owner STARTUPS OK! (MUST have 680 FICO Score or higher)

 - Commercial Real Estate Purchase Financing up to $5 Million (30% down required or max LTV 70%. Minimum loan amount 500K) 

 - Equipment Programs / Case by Case 

Updated for November and December of 2018! (At this time WE ONLY FUND IN THE U.S.A.)

We have helped hundreds of different business owners and partners in just UNSECURED CASH CAPITAL with our program so far!  ALL NEW STATES are eligible to apply, call, and discuss. 

Marijuana Business we have funded:

- Cannabis Producers

- Cannabis Processors

- Cannabis Retailers

- Licensed Distributors

- Edibles Sellers

- Beauty Products

- Concentrate Producer

- Accessory Maker

- Delivery Service

- Packaging

- App Developer

- Software Developer

- Security Service

- Dispensary Loans 

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What State are you in?

Here are some of the states we have funded and found thru our resources. Please check with you local city, county, state and other legal entities to make sure you are in the GREEN! 

Marijuana legalized for recreational use:

Alaska  California  Colorado  Maine

Massachusetts  Nevada  Oregon  Washington

Medical marijuana broadly legalized:

Arizona  Delaware  Arkansas  Florida  Hawaii  Connecticut  Illinois  New Hampshire  Louisiana

Rhode Island  Minnesota  Maryland  Montana  Michigan  New Mexico  New York  North Dakota  New Jersey Ohio Vermont  Pennsylvania 

(List updated 1/4/2018 - This is just our list. Most US States are considered.) 


Real Estate? has helped many types of businesses and their owners with real estate needs and funding. These include:

- Refinance of a property with a "green tenant" such as a dispensary in a shopping center or office building. Refinance of a current loan on a marijuana based property type that is coming due or may be eligible for "cash out"

- Purchase of a property such as cultivation property, testing labs, agriculture farm and agriculture land, grow warehouse, marijuana dispensary, stand alone property, land, permitted property, cultivation business, greenhouses, delivery service real estate, pharmaceutical property, extraction facility, bakery and kitchen facility, green zone approved properties and other MMJ type properties.

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Loans made pursuant to Department of Business Oversight California Financing Law License, License 60DBO-4553. 

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