What 2 qualities Google billionaire Eric Schmidt believes are the best predictors of success--

Billionaire Eric Schmidt is the executive chairman of Alphabet. When Schmidt was CEO at Google from 2001-2011, Google was rapidly expanding its workforce and Schmidt expected every hire to be top notch. In his experience, he believes there are two specific qualities that best predict success. “The Combination of persistence and curiosity is very good predictor of employee success in a knowledge economy.” As explained by Schmidt, persistence is one of the most important forces in success and happiness because without persisting through rejection, Harry Potter, Disney, and the Beatles would not exist. The second attribute curiously, is what sparked Google’s famous "20 percent rule." It allowed employees to spend one out of five work days working on a project that they believed in. The policy, largely driven by motivation and curiosity, is responsible for projects such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google News and AdSense.
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