This former Google[X] exec is building a high-tech hat that she says will make telepathy possible in 8 years

Imagine if we could transmit our thoughts to a computer or to another person just by thinking them. In just eight years it will be, says Openwater founder Mary Lou Jepsen. Jepsen is a former engineering executive at Facebook, Oculus, Google[x], professor at MIT and inventor of 100 patents. "I figured out how to put basically the functionality of an M.R.I. machine — a multimillion-dollar M.R.I. machine — into a wearable in the form of a ski hat," Jepson tells CNBC, though she does not yet have a prototype completed. Current M.R.I. technology can already see your thoughts, and Jepsen’s idea is to “shrink that down” into a “thinking cap” where It would be able to both read and to output your own thoughts, as well as others. This instant transfer of thoughts could even speed up the innovation process. She suggests, what if all you had to do was think of an idea for a new product, download your thought and then send the digital version of your thought to a 3-D printer?


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