The No. 1 trait of great leaders from a Wharton professor who's studied thousands of executives

According to Adam Grant, organizational psychologist, top-rated professor at Wharton business school-- The less you care about your own success, the more successful you will be. "One of the things that stands out for me when I think about what distinguishes the greatest leaders of our time, is that success is very rarely a goal for them, it's a byproduct of other goals that they have," says Grant. The most meaningful way to succeed is to help others succeed, to advance a vision or an idea or a project that is bigger than one person. Grant says: "…the bigger you aim there, the more you focus on doing something that's going to benefit others, the more likely you are to produce something that's also going to achieve success for you." A prime example is self-made billionaire Elon Musk. Musk is aiming to make it possible for humans to live on mars with SpaceX, is also co-founder of non-profit OpenAI and Neuralink. But according to Musk, it’s not the bragging rights or money that motivates him, it’s about improving the future. This kind of thinking is that makes an individual achieve greatness according to Grant.

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