The 5 Characteristics That Make a Charismatic Leader

Some of the most successful leaders all have the same thing in common-- Charisma. While it may seem that charisma is something that comes innate, research proves that only 50% of that is innate, while the 50% is trained. By understanding the top qualities that successful leaders have in common, you can work on developing your own charisma. Here are 5 qualities all great leaders possess:

  1. Confidence-- Confident leaders have a strong sense of self and rarely express self-doubt. They understand who they are and are comfortable in their own skin.

  2. Creativity-- Charismatic leaders think outside the box and aren’t afraid to push the limits. these leaders drive innovation.

  3. Vision-- Because leaders value innovation, they are focused on the future and how they can improve it.

  4. Determination— Leaders are focused on getting results and bringing those visions into reality

  5. Communication—Leaders communicate with confidence and charisma, and are aware of their body language


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