How Steph Curry applied this advice from Steve Nash to success beyond sports

Two-time NBA MVP winner Stephen Curry is known for outstanding performance on the court that's lead his team to 3 straight NBA Finals. But he’s also shaping up to be a champion both on the court and in business. The Golden State Warriors' star player holds tight a key success strategy given to him by former NBA player Steve Nash. "One thing he has taught me is that you always have an out," Curry once told ESPN. Nash's advice to Curry was in reference to being a decision-maker on the court, but the concept goes beyond sports as well: Always have a backup in case your first plan doesn't work. With a $201 million contract under his belt, Curry could easily rely exclusively on his athletic ability for financial success. But he's still building "an out" plan now for when he retires from basketball. Taking advantage of the Golden State Warriors' close proximity to Silicon Valley, Curry spoke at a TechCrunch Disrupt conference last year about his move into the tech industry. Curry co-founded social media startup Slyce with his former teammate Bryant Barr and Last month, Curry and teammate Andre Iguodala, also announced the launch of The Players Technology Summit presented by Bloomberg. He is also part-owner of the app CoachUp, which connects athletes with private coaches. “I hate to put myself in this statement, but he's taken what I did to another level," Nash, now a player development consultant for the Golden State Warriors, told CBS Sports.


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