Eddie Huang: Most successful people would do their job for free

Eddie Huang believes that truly successful people would probably work for free. "If you meet anyone who's good at what they do," Huang told CNBC, "they're extremely passionate, they're crazy O.C.D. detailed about it, and they would probably do it for free. They would probably do it even if it wasn't their job." On other hand, Huang says “the people that are bad at something are the ones that do it because it's their job.” Huang argues that it’s important to stick to things you genuinely have a passion for and have been working on for a large portion of your life. He explains that he has never made a professional decision because it was popular or prudent, instead he lets his passions show the way. As a writer, restaurateur and television personality, he has a lot of passions and Huang says "I don't do it because someone paid me or someone told me to," he says. "I do it because I love this."


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