6 Weird Startup Funding Trends You Should Know About

1. Startups with unique names get more early-stage funding. —Startups with unique names such as Uber and Lyft attract more funding from investors, venture capitalists and crowd funders in the early stage

2. Unique names can make investors feel uncomfortable later on-- Once past those early stages, having a unique name isn’t very beneficial and in fact, it can actually make investors feel uncomfortable in later stages of funding.

3. Tech startups dominate big cities. -- Tech startups seem to get the most attention from investors in big cities. However, investors in smaller cities seem to be focused on startups outside of the tech industry.

4. Tech startups in New York get more funding than those in San Francisco--
New York City startups have received over .7 billion more than San Francisco tech startups in the same time frame.

5. Health-related tech startups are getting the most funding-- Health-related industries such as biotech and pharmaceuticals are receiving the most funding in the tech sector, according to Fundz.

6. California has more funding than Massachusetts, New York and Illinois combined.


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