6 Things Your Small Business Needs to Spend More Money On

According to statistics, more than half fail within five years of starting, and the most consistent failure of small businesses is a lack of capital, and by extension, a lack of investment. Here are the 6 things you need to invest enough money into to ensure success:

  1. Design- your logo, business cards, and general branding all help your business stand out and build a good reputation.

  2. Marketing- this makes sure your product is coherent and consistent in its advertising.

  3. Technology- internal systems, cell service, and a website are likely to have an instant effect on the productivity of the workforce.

  4. Legal advice- you can protect yourself from potential legal issues.

  5. Accounting service- you can optimize your business and reduce inefficiencies.

  6. Insurance- If you plan for your business to grow, then insurance is a must.


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