6 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn from LeBron James

Sports and business are very close. Successful athletes must adhere to the same discipline, focus and determination that successful business men and women do. Here are 5 things outlined by “” that entrepreneurs and business owners can learn from the talented NBA star.

  1. Rise to the Occasion –- If you are pitching to VC’s or you have a big prospective client you are going to speak to, demand and show excellence as if it was a Game

  2. Pivot – When things don’t seem to be working in business, entrepreneurs and business owners must remember that sometimes you have to pivot from your original plan. Do what will lead to your success.

  3. Don’t be Afraid to Call out Teammates -- When you’re chasing greatness and want to be the best, you have to demand the same excellence from your team that you require of yourself. If you don’t see team members giving it their all, sometimes you have to call them out.

  4. Be Yourself & Have Fun-- remember to enjoy the process of building your company. Work hard and play hard.

  5. Help out your teammate--In business, as a leader you will be measured more by the success of your team then your personal success. If you try to do everything, you will only go so far. With a strong and empowered team, you can take over the world.


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