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6 steps to improve your decision making

1. Get comfortable with the cost of deciding-- Understand that refusing to decide is a decision, and it means sticking with the status quo. Indecision indicates one of three things: fear, concern over past mistakes, or a lack of information.

2. Control your emotions-- emotional decisions can have long-term repercussions.

3. Know what you want-- Business success comes from knowing your desired outcome. You need a laser-beam focus on what you want to create. Never lose sight of your target or goal.

4. Do your homework-- Don't make decisions based solely on emotions and gut instinct. Do as much due diligence as you can, and the rest will be intuitive.

5. Build an A-Team-- Seek valued input, insight, and perspective of others on your team to leverage each other's gifts and compound strengths as a team.

6. Develop wisdom-- But you can transform experience into wisdom by digging into bad choices to understand what you can do better. This takes humility.

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