3-Step Negotiation Strategy Towards Getting What You Want—

CEO Alexandra Dickinson suggests these 3 tips to be so much better at” asking for — and getting — anything you want.”

1. Prepare with research--
"You want to do your homework and do some bench-marking," Dickinson says. The research step is important because it will help you determine your focus. "You have to know what you are willing to give on, and what is top priority for you," she says.
2. Hone in on what you want--
The second step is about strategy. "You need to be crystal clear on what you are asking for," Dickinson says. For example, if you're trying to negotiate your salary, you can't just say "I'd like a raise." Clarify your goal with numbers.
3. Ask respectfully--
"There is a way to be direct and also still polite and respectful," she says. "Just because you are asking for something doesn't mean you need to be rude." To avoid those pitfalls, use the phrase "I would like" as opposed to language such as "I need a discount, I want a discount, I deserve to pay less. “It is kind of a straightforward, middle-of-the-road way to ask for something without ... being a bully or a door mat," she says.
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