3 Mistakes Almost Every Tech Startup Makes — How to Avoid Them

Even the most innovative products will fail if they don’t get packaged right. Here is’s top 3 tips to launch a successful technology brand.

  1. Never lead with Features and functionality—Tech Startups drastically increase chances of winning by leading with the benefits rather than features. So for example instead of writing “We monitor your servers,” try using “ Your servers won’t go down, so you and your staff can continue working.”

  2. Know that manufacturing timing can make or break your launch— Make sure your product is ready to go before you promise to retailers and consumers that it will be delivered. You only have one chance to launch, and your brand image will be damaged if you can’t deliver on consumer expectations.

  3. Focus your brand to align with a specific audience—Begin by creating a product that solves specific problems for a specific type of person. Tailor messages and visuals to a specific audience so that they align to that culture. Brands often times try to focus on appealing to the widest audience possible, with puts them at risk for “resonating with nobody.”


We hope these tips help any entrepreneurs delving into the tech field.
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