3 email hacks for entrepreneurs to boost productivity

Emails can sometimes feel like a full-time Job. Office workers receive more than 100 emails per day and spend about 6.3 hours checking both their work and personal messages. These 2 hacks will show you how to get that overflowing inbox under control.

1. Check emails only after you've marked something off your to-do list—organize your tasks by priority, and work on all of those before you delve into your emails.

2.Turn off email notifications—Psychologists say email notifications can easily become a "toxic source of stress.” Research shows that each notification throws us off by 64 seconds, and it takes about 20 minutes to reach productivity again.

3. Be aggressive with your spam button—Hitting the spam button helps program your email platform to know what messages should be filling up your inbox. Continuously hitting “delete” takes more time than you think.
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